Turner Bohlen
508 202 2866
45 Norfolk St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Work Experience

Application Engineer at Flux (current)
I manage strategic partner relationships and product teams to deliver custom software solutions to the world's leading architecture and engineering firms.

Partner at Rough Draft Ventures
I invested in promising student-run startups in the Boston area alongside the wonderful Rough Draft team.

Founder and Organizer of Spokes
I managed the Spokes team, who planned a STEM education summer program and delivered it over the course of a 4000 mile bike ride across America.

Director of StartLabs
I directed the StartLabs team, organizing task lists, holding the vision for the non-profit, and maintaining the organization and direction of the team members.

iPhone Application Programmer for LiveLoop
With the help of LiveLoop's designer, I built LiveLoop's iPhone application including its custom socket transport stack.

Owner of Hot Jupiter Herps
As a 12 year old, I developed an interest in corn snake genetics and decided to start my own business breeding and selling the harmless snakes as pets.

Engineering Intern at Draper Labs
I imagined and modeled over 80 potential wet soil chemistry laboratory designs for a future mars lander mission.

Research Assistant in Dianne Newman's geobiology lab
I engineered a deletion plasmid to remove a certain gene from the genome of an anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria as part of a research project to better understand a certain metabolic pathway.

3D Data Visualization Researcher at the MIT Media Lab
I conceived and implemented various visualizations to communicate real world data to a user of the Doppellab project.


  • Product Management
  • Team Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • some User Experience Design
  • some Objective-C


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Class of 2014. B.S. Physics.

St. Mark's School
Class of 2010. Graduated High-Honors, Cum Laude.


Amphibious Achievement
I helped develop the Amphibious Achievement program by tutoring and coaching high school students and developing our website.

MIT Clowns
I put together Clowns, a group dedicated to making MIT a happier place by organizing pointless, fun events to make people smile.

Undergraduate Association
I co-chaired the Special Projects, Cost Value Card, and Student-Administrator Collaboration Committees in the MIT undergraduate student government.