What I've Done

Spokes: Bicycling for Education - A team of 7, including myself, biked from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC during the summer of 2013 and worked to inspire students to start working on a project that they were passionate about.

StartLabs - I directed StartLabs in 2011 and 2012. StartLabs helps MIT engineers start their own ventures and find themselves jobs with recently launched companies.

Virtual Reality Rock Climbing Game - A rock climbing game including haptic feedback and hand tracking implemented on an FPGA by Chris Lang and me for MIT class 6.111. You can read our full report here.

Human Categorization Modeling with Particle Filters - An experiment run by Troy Astorino and me for 9.66, Computational Cognative Science in which we compared a single-particle particle filter model of human categorization to real human sorting data.

LiveLoop - LiveLoop developinged a real-time editing plugin for Microsoft Office with similar capabilities to Google Docs. I interned with them and helped develop their first mobile app. They were later bought by Microsoft.

Hot Jupiter Herps - I bred corn snakes, a harmless type of snake often kept as a pet, for 6 years and sold those hatchlings under the name Hot Jupiter Herps.

Psycho Bunnies - Psycho Bunnies is a cooperative platformer born out of 6.073, Creating Video Games. The prototype is free to download at the link above.

Kamikaze Kapitalists - I developed this game prototype with a couple friends as an earlier project in 6.073, Creating Video Games. Destroy your enemies city by building buildings and knocking them over on their capital!

Langton's Ant - I built this model of langton's ant (with a few twists) in processing.js when first learning to program. It was left a bit rough around the edges, but go ahead and have some fun with it (and see what happens after step 10,000 on a large, all-white board).

The Mondrian Automaton - The Mondrian Automaton displays computer generated, Mondrian-esque art work and tries to learn your artistic preference as you spend time on the site. Ethan Sherbondy and I built the Mondrian Automaton for a class project our first semester at MIT after seeing Piet Mondrian's work and finding it temptingly easy to imitate via computer program.

Amphibious Achievement - I helped develop Amphibious Achievement, a tutoring, swimming, and rowing program run by my good friends Noam Angrist and Ron Rosenburg.