Who I Am

I am deeply interested in how one builds products to solve the problems and satisfy the wants of a person or community. I think that such product-centric, design-motivated thinking is the key to creating solutions to the worlds major problems because every problem comes down to giving people a new idea or motivation to act.

Since graduating MIT in 2014 with a major in physics, I have found specific interests in applying this thinking to architecture and education. I currently work at Flux, a company dedicated to satisfying the world's need for sustainable buildings, as an application engineer. I am also working on Beagle, a new learning method that teaches not just content, but also how to learn.

In past, I founded and organized the Spokes trip, a 4000 mile bicycle ride across the US dedicated to inspiring high school students to learn about something they love, and directed the wonderful StartLabs team, which is providing MIT engineers and scientists with the resources and knowledge necessary to start influential, world-changing companies.

Feel free to get in touch for whatever reason or no reason at all by clicking here.

If you want a more formal view into my world, take a look at my resume.