Who I Am

I am interested in building products to solve complex global problems. I see human-centric, design-motivated thinking as the key to positive, inclusive, and optimistic change, and believe most of today's major challenges will ultimately requre individual behavior change to solve.

In 2014, I graduate MIT with a degree in physics. Since then, I've helped build tech products in the architecture and education spaces. I was an application engineer (think forward sales engineer) at Flux, a company which designed software to streamline communication among the many stakeholders involved in designing and constructing large buildings. I am currently working on Beagle, which builds software to train complex skills. Our major product is a persistence program to help college students gain the skills they need to graduate college.

In past, I founded and organized Spokes, a 4000-mile bicycle ride across the US that delivered project-based STEM classes to underserved communites. I directed the wonderful StartLabs team, which is providing MIT engineers and scientists with the resources and knowledge necessary to start world-changing companies.

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If you want a more formal view into my world, take a look at my resume.