Who I Am

I am a product manager and technologist who focuses on developing a deep understanding of how users think and using this understanding to shape products. I think that such product-centric, design-motivated thinking is the key to creating solutions to the world's biggest problems (and not just for designing web apps).

After graduating MIT in 2014 with a B.S. in physics, I spent two working at Flux, a company dedicated to satisfying the world's need for sustainable buildings. I did a combination of project management, and customer relationship management.

I am currently leading Beagle, a company I co-founded with my mom and stepdad. Beagle is dedicated to enabling new learning methods that teach learners how to learn, and do so at scale. Every community needs more people who can learn on their own, improvise to solve the biggest challenges, and have civil discussions with those they disagree with.

In past, I founded and organized the Spokes trip, a 4000 mile bicycle ride across the US dedicated to inspiring high school students to learn about something they love, and directed the wonderful StartLabs team, which is providing MIT engineers and scientists with the resources and knowledge necessary to start influential, world-changing companies.

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If you want a more formal view into my world, take a look at my resume.